Marble Moment


Is it just me or is marble everywhere right now? I have a marble iPhone case (similar to the one above) and somehow we lucked out with marble counter tops in our apartment, but I'm really liking the trend and might need to pick up few more marbled items, like that dress (on sale!) or that tee. Are you a fan of the trend?

1. REISS Romero Grey Marble Print T-Shirt
2. White Marble iPhone 6 Case from Etsy shop Casehype
3. C/Meo Collective Daydreaming Dress
4. Shiraleah Large Piedmont Textured Marble Cutting Board
5. Amber Sceats Front to Back Marble Earrings


Leslie said...

Marble is so huge right now! I really want to add something marble to our apartment because I think it is so beautiful!

Melissa Blake said...

I had no idea....thanks so much for the tip. I'd say it's a definite DO!