On Traveling...


The other day I read this post by Courtney Adamo of Babyccino. I can't stop thinking about it. One year of traveling. With four young kids. Crazy? Brave? Ambitious? It's certainly pushing the limits of one's own security and comforts. But I have to say deep inside I feel a pang of inspiration. This little traveling bug inside me stirs. We don't have the means at the moment, but perhaps someday we can pack up our kids and see more of this great planet where we live. I would love to show them and experience it with them before they think I am boring and totally lame (I am talking of the teenage years, where I predict someday a 16-year-old Mila will shout at the top of her lungs: "Mom, you are not rad! And please, save me the embarrassment and stop saying 'rad.'" At which point Matt will throw his hands up in agreement and everyone in my family will vote to admonish the word 'rad' from our vocabulary forever and I will be sad).

Logistically and financially speaking it seems unattainable, and frankly, scary. But Matt and I have packed up before and it's not to say we can't do it again. Sure, it would be incredibly different this time around, and no doubt more challenging. But here I am simply daydreaming on a Wednesday morning. Future "plans" can be elusive, they evolve and change (I think that's okay. That's how it should be). Perhaps that is why traveling has always appealed to me, nothing really is set in stone while you travel and that's what makes it undeniably exciting.

What do you think? Would you take time off to travel with your kids? Or move to a different country for a while?

Photos by me. Top: Somewhere in New Zealand / Second: Buenos Aires / Third: Piedmonte, Italy


Rema said...

Um. Am I allowed to comment here? :) My position is clear, I think - the only way to make this kind of change happen is it just do it (having completed the financial eval to make sure you can a) afford health care and b) won't end up sleeping on the streets). Beyond that, little else matters when your family is with you. I think you should come to Sydney. Or NZ. Just my two cents :) xo