Weekend Away


It is here. Friday. And for that I am glad. And not just for the normal reasons. I'm meeting my very best friend Nikki in Venice Beach for a mini getaway, which is greatly needed. My last weekend "off" not involving kids or work was last July. I've packed skinny jeans and cute tops, sandals, my book and a stack of magazines that is also probably a year old and virtually untouched.

We're getting margaritas. We're going to read and eat and drink and shop and sleep and sit and not think about anything in particular. It sounds marvelous. I hope your weekends are equally as satisfying. And if you have any restaurant recs for Venice or Santa Monica, throw them my way!

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Jillian said...

enjoy the margaritas!!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

A Crimson Kiss said...

Have an absolutely fabulous weekend!

Rema said...

Ahh, so excited for you! Cafe Gratitude is a fave of mine in Venice. And should you want/need to head into LA proper, Gracias Madre on Melrose is BFF-getaway dinner perfection. xo