On De-Cluttering


I have spent the last few weeks feeling the need to organize. This is a very foreign feeling to me. Those who know me well might feel faint at the sound of that, or as Matt sometimes says: "Are you feeling okay? What is wrong?" The other week I cleared out my kids' dressers. Then I tackled Mila's closet. (For those you that have kids, you understand what a fluid process this is. It's an ongoing task. You buy shoes one day and the next day they are complaining they are too small). Regretfully as I was clearing out some of Mila's shoes I noticed a pair that was for an 18-month-old. The upkeep has clearly not been consistent on my part. But anyway, I moved on to my own closet and then to my dresser, which happened to be stacked with old receipts, books, scatterings of artwork from Mila and a tangled mess of jewelry. As a side note here, I rarely wear jewelry. I mean even when I go out on a date with Matt (which is also rare), I usually don't bother with a necklace or bracelet. I do have some very special pieces that I treasure and love (vintage items and heirlooms from my grandmothers and Matt's grandmothers), but on the whole I tend to shy away from bling.

So the great dresser purge began, and I have to say I am much more comfortable with the result. My mother-in-law gave me a pretty little box to store my most reached for necklaces and bracelets (when I am feeling adventurous), and I packed the rest away in a drawer near my bed. I also think there is a lot to be said for having some element of greenery and a candle in every room of the house. There is something fresh, as well as equally calming and energizing about both of these things.

How about you guys, do you sometimes get the urge to purge?*

Also have you dug into this book? I am intrigued.

*Lame use of rhyming I know.


Leslie said...

We're expecting a baby and she's due in October so I've been trying to simplify and clean things out as much as I can. We're trying to make space in a 1 bedroom, so purging is definitely needed! I have to say that it makes me feel a lot calmer and I'm starting to realize just how little of our belonging are actually essential. Somehow we just get used to having them around and then they stay put!

"B" said...

Oh this has been on my to do list forever. Cleaning out closets and PLAYROOMS. How we ever manage to get so much STUFF that really gets played with so very little is beyond me. I have this urge to get rid of EVERYTHING. which irks the rest of the family but it is so time consuming trying to keep everything together.