Girls' Guide to Austin


If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen some photos from Austin last month. I was there for the weekend for my best friend Jacqueline's bachelorette and wanted to share some of my favorite photos and spots from the weekend.
Jacqueline's sister found this 1920s Airbnb in Deep Eddy, with a cute porch swing and patio out back.
We had Tex Mex (and too many margaritas) at Takoba on our first night.
On Saturday we spent the day on the Little Miss High Life. Despite all of the rain Austin (and most of Texas) has been having, we had sunny weather and had the best day out on the water.
College roommates, Jacqueline (left) and Whitney (right).
 I found this Texas pinata on the Etsy shop Anthony & Stork. The bride loves candy so we filled with with a mixture of some of her favorites and some, ahem, more bachelorette-themed candy.
We indulged in a five-course southern feast (capped off with the most delicious strawberry cake) at Jacoby's Mercantile the second night. If you eat at Jacoby's be sure to check out their in-store shop.

Our last Austin meal was brunch at Odd Duck. So good.
Before the airport we made a quick stop into Feather's Vintage, where I discovered Erica Weiner jewelry. I may have to pick up the "This Must Be the Place" necklace

Images by Kirby Brooks Todd for Short & Sweet Blog