Short Week


Sorry for the radio silence the past few days. Last week was a work week to top all work weeks, and then my mom arrived on Friday night so I went offline for the weekend (minus a few Instagrams). We had dinner at Zuni Cafe Friday, brunch at Presidio Social Club Sunday, took long walks in Golden Gate Park and in Pac Heights. I cried when she left. I've never lived this far away from my parents before and I love living in San Francisco, so while I miss them daily it's only when I see them that I'm reminded of how much.

I can't be sad for too long because I leave for Austin on Thursday for my best friend's bachelorette and when I get back Sunday Ian will be home from his surf trip in Indonesia! 

How was your weekend? Happy belated Mother's Day to you moms out there, and here are some links to kick off your week.

This Cup of Jo post on when different women knew they were ready to have a baby was so fascinating, especially since our friends are starting to have babies and my niece and nephew are getting a baby brother in the fall!

The key to a good marriage is kindness.

I picked up these mules and can't wait to wear them all summer long.

A fun work project I wanted to share: Tiny Atlas Quarterly + Teva

Somehow I made the Egotist's 32 Under 32 list!

I found a few spots I haven't been on Victoria's list of places she missed in San Francisco.

What websites used to look like.

Another reason to love Tina Fey.