In Search of the Cutest Summer Sandals


It's no secret that I wear flip flops 363 days out of the year. San Diego weather generally calls for that. If I'm being honest, I also generally wear them when it rains. But I'll readily admit, I'm ready for a change. And by change, I mean an upgrade in my sandals, naturally.

These are four different styles that I've had my eye on.

1. Sam Edelman. I mean come on. I have the Petty booties and am in love with them and the sandals are just as darling. Simple, feminine. Just stupid pretty.

2. Mossimo Supply from Target. They are $20. Delicate, lovely and I love that they slide on. Also they are $20.

3. Madewell. Ah Madewell, you sneaky little "super hip grown-up clothing" store. True story: I went in there the other day and realized I was wearing their jeans, their t-shirt, their skimmers and carrying their transport tote. I am a Madewell model! Obviously I also need their sandals.

4. Ann Taylor Loft. I have to say that I was initially really on the fence about these slide on sandals. Are the bands too big? Do I like the two-tone? But I saw a girl wearing them with skinny jeans, and a casual tee and they looked so stylish and perfect I've come around. Again, the slip on is a major bonus for me.

What about you guys? Do you have a favorite summer sandal? I'd love to hear.


Alex Byer said...

I highly highly recommend Saltwater sandals! They're incredibly comfortable and totally made to get wet!

A Crimson Kiss said...

I have that exact pair of Sam Edelman sandals–they're my favorite!

LAS said...

I just have too many foot problems to ever consider a shoe like this for any thing farther that across the house. Too bad, they look cute though!