Workout: Barre Class With the Daily Method


Let me ask you: what's your preferred workout? Do you have something that really engages you? That makes you sweat and curse and wish you were somewhere else, but at the end of it, you feel like you can knock down a brick wall? I tried a barre class with the Daily Method in Downtown San Diego a couple of weeks ago and I have never been so challenged in my life. I think about 30 minutes out from the class I truly wondering if they would have to carry me out in a fetal position to my car. It was very high intensity, but in a way that is much more strengthening than just running off calories.

That's the thing. I've never been into running, or really going to the gym at all, but finding something that engages my core and all of my muscles, that seeks to strengthen rather than slim, that's really something I can get into.

I signed up through Class Pass, which actually allows you to try out different exercise studios in your area to get a feel for different workout routines: pilates, yoga, barre, spin, etc. It's great because you don't necessarily have to commit to one studio, and you can take an unlimited number of classes per month once you get your pass. It's a great way to challenge your body in a variety of ways.

I highly suggest The Daily Method. It's tough, but you'll feel empowered afterwards. Heck you can even treat yourself to a milkshake afterwards. I won't tell. ;)

And if you're interested, you can sign up for Class Pass right here.

P.S. If you're hungry after reading this, head over to Lulu & Georgia, there is a recipe for tator tot tacos. You think I'm crazy, but seriously, they are amazing.