Spring Ready


What up, spring? We are in it...pinks...florals...flowy skirts...there is a huge selection of pretty items now available at Kohl's. I'm not sure if you could tell, but Mila loves pink. For the record she also loves green, purple and blue (the last one because it reminds her of Elsa), but we're on pink repeat over here lately. Sometimes I try to tone it down...why not some gray Mila? Or black? On the other hand, I'll probably have plenty of that later, when she's a moody teenager, so in the meantime we're flouncing around in our pretty florals.

 Blouse / Skirt / Mila's shirt / Mila's sandals

 Mila showing off her jumping skills/enormous amount of continuous energy on a recent beach trip. Shop her colorful suit here.

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Alex Byer said...

You two are so adorable!! I especially love your top Alexa!

Leslie said...

So sweet! You both look ready for spring! :)

A Crimson Kiss said...

This is the sweetest thing!