On Alone Time


We returned from our trip to London and Paris (photos here and here) and Ian got right on a plane and left for a two-week work trip. He's been gone that long before, but it has typically overlapped with a work trip of my own and when we lived in San Diego I would spend a few days at my parents' to shorten my commute. Now that we're in San Francisco that isn't an option. Work was busy and I made a few weeknight dates with friends and plans to meet up on the weekend, but I was mostly alone for the two weeks he was gone and I was completely fine with it. I did a lot of reading, may have had cereal for dinner a few nights, and although I was ready for Ian to come home it was because I truly missed him and not because I was tired of being alone. I'd love to hear your thoughts on being alone.

See below for some links and have a good weekend!

This post made me love Sarah Yates that much more. Alexa and I both struggle with anxiety so it really hit home.

Congrats to Liz!!

I cannot wait to see this Lifetime movie. Yes, I said Lifetime movie. Two words: Kristin Wiig.

Such a good travel tip. I typically have a list of must-see places and figure out directions when I have hotel WiFi, but this takes it to the next level. Bookmark it for your next trip!

Speaking of travel, these Instagram accounts are bananas.

A good round up on dry shampoo, which I wouldn't survive the work week without. Dry Bar's Detox is my personal favorite (it actually smells good).

I finally picked up this cult concealer and can see why people love it so much.

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Sara Visser said...

I really want to try the Dry Bar's dry shampoo!

Whitney Campeau said...

Great link roundup! They are one of my favorite things to read, it's fun to discover new sites and articles I might not have seen. That travel tip is really great, wish I had thought of it while I was in Paris last week!