What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow I'm going to take a pilates reformer class at 10. I am not great at pilates, but I can proudly admit that I am less terrible than when I started last July. We are hoping to meet up with some good friends here for dinner (such a good place and I am going to sit and drink beer and eat fries to my little heart's content because of the aforementioned pilates earlier in the day). Sunday is solely reserved for binge-watching House of Cards. Just kidding. Sort of.

A few things....

I watched this the other night. It was hard to absorb it without feeling emotional, but the questions it raises are important ones. Likely the most important questions of all.

A beautiful look at love. From the inside out.

And because I can't leave you all weepy...Sesame Street parodied House of Cards. It's actually pretty hilarious.

See you here Monday. xo


Jillian said...

lol love the sesame street parody :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams