Spring Forward Monday


How was your weekend? On Friday night we had drinks on the water and then cooked dinner at home. Sometimes I love early Friday nights. Saturday a girlfriend and I went to our favorite fancy toast spot before a long walk in Golden Gate Park, and then I enjoyed a rare free afternoon running errands and enjoying the weather before spending a night catching up on laundry and trashy TV while Ian had a guys' night. Bliss. Sunday was spent packing for our trip (we leave for London on Friday!) before dinner in Sausalito with friends. What did you get up to?

A sad statistic. 

I loved seeing Joanna's apartment tour

I can't wait to see this movie.

And this mockumentary looks pretty funny. 

Yay for Jenny Slate!

One of the reasons why I love Wes Anderson.

Must-read denim tips.

I love that it's brighter in the morning and light when I leave work now. But I'm exhausted. Here are tips to help with the time change.



susan said...

Enjoyed my weekend too. What incredible weather we are having!