Mommy Talk


This is me and the little man. He's 20 months old now (hard to believe). He's become quite opinionated about certain things. The other day he threw a twenty minute tantrum because I put on shirt on him. How dare I? Really? Clearly I know nothing about the benefits of walking around naked. But truly it has been a challenge lately. Even Mila said the other day, "That little dude is certainly screaming a lot today." (She's taken to calling him "dude" lately, which I suppose is better than "the baby" which she had been calling him previously).

But yes, we are approaching the terrible twos, which actually start long before you reach two and often extend long past it. There are these moments, though, that just melt me into a puddle. He had climbed into my lap, you'll notice he does not have a shirt on, but is wearing a cape (obviously), snuggled in, and flashed the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. That boy does know how to get to his mama's heart.

P.S. This article made me feel a lot better about things. Or at least I am armed with the knowledge that I'm not alone.

Also, in case you're interested: the cutest little super heros. The cape Phoenix is wearing was made by my dear friend, Nikki, who also provided the article I linked to above.


Leslie said...

I'm glad you can find beautiful moments in between the tears and tantrums. You're going to make it!

Melissa Blake said...

Good luck...i think you'll do great!! xoxo

LAS said...

Um, I would like to have Phoenix's hair please, it certainly looks better than mine today. And you are definitely not alone. Lucas has been giving me a run for my money lately with the tantrums. We sailed through the twos with a little angel, but apparently 3.5 is our rough patch! And the cape is darling!!