Have an Amazing Weekend!


What are you guys up to this weekend? We had several bouts of the stomach flu in our house over the week, a couple at 3am, and here's a question: Why do kids always seem to get sick in the middle of the night? Needless to say Matt and I are really dragging. I also feel like I'm swinging around blind and crazy, expecting that dang flu to be standing right behind me saying: "Tag. you're it." I'm sort of on pins and needles. Anyway, because of that, we're laying low, except for celebrating my in-laws' birthdays on Saturday. With the weather so warm, the kids can hopefully play in the pool and soak up plenty of sun to be well!

In other news, Kirby is off to London today, so be sure to keep up with her travels on Instagram!

A few things: 

A beautiful video about life in Iraq today. "You have to survive. You can't just huddle in your house all day in fear."

Breastfeeding on planes. Yes. Because who wants a screaming infant for the duration of the flight anyway?

My co-worker, Jenna, has an amazing blog and the sweetest little shop. Seriously go now and feast your eyes. You will not be disappointed.