Gray Ways.


So I'm afraid that I'm turning boring. I can't stop with the neutrals. Grays, whites, natural woods, greens (only if it's in plant form). I'm only 34. This can't be happening already. They say that as you get older you get more conservative in your ways. While this is not the case with say, my political viewpoints, I'm afraid that I am turning to the safer (read: bland) tones in the color palette. Note: this is not a knock of Scandinavian style design (I actually think that secretly I've always drifted that way), but I've become more apprehensive of including color when picking out home decor and clothing. I bought my 8th gray shirt the other day!!! Even Matt said: "Another gray shirt?" (What's amazing is that he noticed it was a different gray shirt). You can't slip anything by him.

But really...what is your preferred style? Do you love lots of color? Only a little? Or none at all? I feel like I need to get back to at least blue. I mean soon enough I'm going to be wearing one of my gray shirts, gray jeans, gray boots and I'll have gray hair! This must stop!

PS: If you are practically falling asleep reading this post and need a jolt of color back into your visionary field, check out this post on Lulu & Georgia. It almost made me excited about color again. Almost.

Dress / Snake Plant (I love this plant, also it cleans your air)!


Jillian Manesh said...

my closet is FULL of black, white, navy and gray.. i love it and im finally embracing it (even with my mom nagging me that i need to wear more color). xo jillian - cornflake dreams

A Crimson Kiss said...

I'm with Jillian–it makes like so much simpler!

Ashley Rizzardo said...

Honestly, I do like neutrals. It's so easy to transition them with the right accessories.

Sunday Brunch

erica kartak said...

My closet is full of neutrals with a few splashes of color mixed in (and a healthy amount of stripes). I love the look of floral patterns on others, but it just isn't my style. I try to add color with a statement necklace or a fun clutch for going out. Otherwise I still to what I'm comfortable in! I think as you get older, you figure out your style and what works best for you.

Kat said...

Dude. I'm so the same way. I have soooooo many black and white shirts- I try to get color but I just love my neutral safe colors. I get my color from accessories I guess :)

Rema said...

I'm totally with you. Black, white, gray, maybe some blues if I'm feeling really sassy. The occasional pop of color in shoes, at most.