Valentine's Day Cards from Minted


If you ask me, Valentine's Day doesn't get any better than elementary school. I remember spending hours at the kitchen table making Valentine's Day cards for my classmates and then spending more hours pouring over the cards I received while eating conversation heart and chocolate kisses. 

Everyone had to have enough Valentines to give the entire class, so no one was left out. For adults, there's an expectation of doing "something" on February 14th, whether you're in a relationship or not. Ian and I went on our first date on February 15 (I had a girls' night planned for the 14th) in college, and have kept up the tradition of going out to dinner either on the 13th or 15th and cooking dinner the 14th. What are your plans this year?

Browsing through Minted's Valentine's Day Shop took me right back to the good old days of Valentine's Day, and I actually love their classroom Valentines the most (and think they'd be great to send to girlfriends, single or attached).

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Bottom row: 1 / 2 / 3


Melissa Blake said...

I've always loved V-Day and never mind it as a single gal. :)

Melissa Blake said...
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susan said...

We plan on staying in and cooking a special dinner 😘