On Being A Mom...And Me.


I have a confession...

Sometimes I don't feel like being just "mom." I should re-phrase that. I love being a mommy to Mila and Phoenix, they are my little loves (most of the time, when there are no tantrums and arguments). I have a part-time job, which I love and it helps me explore my creativity with writing and design and it enables me to continue learning and developing my career. But, sometimes I just want to sit and talk about the world. About politics. The media. I studied both journalism and history in college and I kind of geek out about things like The Roosevelts and The Economist. And sometimes, when you're a mom you are surrounded by mom related conversations. Sometimes when I get together with other moms we talk about pre-school and time-outs and dinner routines and potty training. And it's not that I don't appreciate these discussions, I really do and there is solid truth in the phrase "strength in numbers" when it comes to being a mom, but sometimes I just want something different.

My father-in-law gave me this book for Christmas. It's 503 pages long. It's about the Middle East. There are a lot of words and very few pictures. I am engrossed. This is a passage (describing William Yale's first encounter with T.E Lawrence):

"His chatter was sprinkled with a stream of questions - seemingly innocent questions - about us and our plans. He assumed that we were tourists traveling in grand style to see the famous ruins of the Sinai and Palestine. It was not until after our visitors had left that we realized that this seemingly inexperienced, youthful enthusiast had most successfully pumped us dry."

I realize that extremely long accounts about the history of the Middle East are not everyone's idea of a good time, but as a parent who spends most of her days cutting crusts of sandwiches, adjusting princess crowns, changing diapers, pulling a red wagon around the yard 150 times a day, it's just really nice to burst out of the bubble and join in more serious discussions. After all, my little ones are going to grow up one day and learn about history themselves. Perhaps I can teach them a thing or too. ;)

What about you? Are you a parent? What sort of things do you like do to reconnect with the grown-up world?

For the record, I also love watching House of Cards, finding cool, vintage-looking things for my home, drinking wine and of course blogging. ;)


A Crimson Kiss said...

I so love this. I actually feel this way about my job–I am passionate about it, but it doesn't stimulate all the parts of me. Thank goodness for giant books, friends who chat with us about all our passions, and wine!

Kat said...

I love this. I totally agree, and I also think it's so important to nurture the "me" part of being a mom. I love wine, and how our KRAP night topics range from diapers to travel. And just wait, one day you'll being having political conversations with M & P! (Funny story- so my parents are visiting and they have the news on 24/7. I'm driving the kids to karate and Jessica really randomly says "Fox News just always argue about the President"- HA! MAde me laugh! So then I had to explain politics and how not everyone likes the president.... And that Nini & Papa need to just turn the dang thing off!

Rema said...

I love you for both your heart and your brain, friend. The book is intriguing! I'm rededicating myself to regular reading time and will add it to my list.