DIY Kids Valentines


These Valentines are so easy it's stupid really, but frankly I was having one of those stressed out "mom moments" earlier this week when I realized I had to make Valentines for all of Mila's classmates due on Wednesday (today). It was "suggested" that we sit down and make the Valentines with our children, which of course had my head dizzying with images of elaborate Pinterest projects involving sewing, spray painting and artistic craftmanship that has become the mark of a truly talented mom. But, an elaborate art project was not possible for me. Especially not this week. So, thus I bring you, paper hearts, paint and stickers. And guess what? It was pretty darn easy and quick. And Mila had fun too. Mom for the win!

1. Simply draw a heart on construction paper (not as easy as it sounds, but still. You could also cheat by using a cookie cutter shape or print out a heart from online and trace it). Use it as a template and cut as many as you need. I layered the paper so I only had to cut a few times.

2. Squirt paint (I used pink and red naturally) onto a paper plate. Give hearts to your child and let them dip them in the paint and rub around. Here, you could do both sides, but since I wanted to write each child's name, I left one side plain white.

3. Let hearts dry. Write names and let your child cover the hearts obsessively with as many stickers as possible. Obviously we snacked on Valentines M&Ms while doing this. You are done. See? You will {heart} it. :)

Photos by Alexa Evans for Short & Sweet Blog


Jillian said...

aww this is so sweet :)

A Crimson Kiss said...

They're perfect!

Leslie said...

Those turned out so cute. I love how heartfelt they are too and not commercialized.

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