A Brand New Week


It's a brand new week. We had a relaxing weekend - cooked a lot, did Pilates and Barre, had drinks outside to enjoy the weather - and I'm ready to conquer the busy but short week. We leave Friday morning for San Jose del Cabo to see our friends Katie and Blaine get married at Flora Farms. I can't wait to sit by the pool, have a few dozen margaritas, and celebrate with our friends. More on that later, for now see some links we love below and let us know how your weekend was in the comments.

With so many weddings and bachelorettes on the horizon, I have been browsing for dresses online. Loving this and this from a new-to-me brand.

Stop the knot made me laugh.

Did you hear that there might be a remake of Now and Then in the works

Speaking of the 00s, here are some things 00s kids used to say that kids today just wouldn't understand.  

I'm not much for DIY projects, but this looks easy and I could definitely use a lip scrub.

A great interview with a Facebook employee.

Sophia Coppola and Anjelica Huston before the Oscars.

Biddy the Hedgehog is just so dang cute. I mean look at this.

Did you watch the Oscars? We actually caught 75% of the show this year. Here's the full winners list, and Vogue's best dressed list.



Jillian said...

a remake of now and then?!!? im not sure im ready for that one! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Alex Byer said...

Lip scrubs are super easy and it'll make your lips feel so much better!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

sometimes i don't like reading Vogue's best dressed lists because they only care about the designer. i'm sorry but Dakota in Saint Laurent should not be on best dressed!

i made it through 2.5 hours...once 10:30 EST time hit i was done! zzzz

Melissa Blake said...

The Now & Then remake just made my day...i was obsessed with that movie back in the day!!

Have a good week!! xoxo