The Reformation's Lower-Priced Line, The Obvious Collection


I finally gave in and bought my first dress from The Reformation a few months ago. It was on sale and a size too big, requiring a good amount of tailoring, but I can't stop imagining all of the places I'm going to wear it. To a wedding in Cabo next month. With my leather jacket and booties out to dinner in Paris. 

So I couldn't be more excited about the The Obvious Collection, the brand's new lower-priced line. Everyone needs a little black dress like this one and how effortless is this dress? There might be more than one dress from The Reformation in my closet soon. 


Lydia Holden said...

The first dress is my top choice. Looks cool!
Greetings, xx
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Alex Byer said...

Too funny, I actually JUST heard about Reformation this morning (someone in my feed was wearing their "Basic" sweatshirt and I'm obsessed), so this came at the PERFECT time!

susan said...

Love the neckline (on the little black dress) and the three quarter length sleeves!