Deodorant You Can Swear By


Yes, this my friends, is post about deodorant. And before you flip the proverbial page, for fear of unrelenting boredom that might ensue, let me let you in on a little secret. You will love it. You will open this deodorant every morning and think that you are in a spa, a place where you can almost hear the gentleness of the waves, the smell of salt in the air, that relaxed, perfectly serene feeling that you wish for each morning, but can never achieve. Ok, I'm over-selling. But look, your armpits are going to smell fantastic. All day. And that's what matters right?

I have to thank my friend Nikki who sent Soapwalla deodorant to me as a birthday present earlier this month. She said she's been obsessed with the deodorant, which is made with all natural ingredients and comes in this cute little tub. I know exactly what you are saying right now. "But, I've tried those all natural deodorants before and they don't work. I'm still sweaty and smelly." But guess what? This one does. And you have to take my word for it that I don't smell right now.

It's made from jojoba oil, tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint, shea butter and several other products that form to create this amazing-smelling cream that you rub on in the morning. It's really great. And I'll stop there to refrain from sounding like a total weirdo.

Also, great: this. I use it once a week in the shower to scrub away those dry, dead skin cells. Especially wonderful on the soles of your feet.

Treat yourself and your body. :) 

What body products do you swear by?


Kat said...

How did I not know about this? I've been on a natural deoderent kick since last summer. My 2nd time trying, but with better luck this time. But I'm worried that the brand I use now only works so well because it's winter..... I'll have to try this one!

Alex Byer said...

I also use the Soapwalla deodorant! It's the best and I feel SO much better using that than regular deodorants! Also RMS beauty products are all natural and I swear by them. Check them out! We have a store here in Boston called Follain that's introduced me to all the best all natural products!

LAS said...

Shut the front door! I have tried them all with no success too, so I can't wait to try this. Thanks Lex (and Nicole) :).