A Little Blog Break And a DIY


You might have noticed that I have been absent this week. The truth is I've needed a break. Really what I need is a down-filled bed and a room filled with nothing but silence...but that would just be unrealistic, I'm taking some time off the blog to regroup and focus on my health (I've battled two colds, a flu and a stomach virus over the last couple of months), and frankly, well, let's just say I'm sick of being sick.

Anyway, that's where I am, if you're wondering. But I promise I'll pop in every now and then to say hello, and you can always find me over at the L&G blog once a week. I am grateful and thankful to my co-blogger, Kirby, who always keeps things running so smoothly.

Happy 2015 to all of you! If you're interested, I just published a DIY for a green tea and lavender facial spray on the L&G blog. Relax away! ;)

Photo by Alexa Evans for Lulu & Georgia


Jillian said...

take care of yourself and enjoy some time off! xo jillian

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

health and happiness to you this year!

Leslie said...

I'm so sorry that you're still struggling with illness. I was sick for half of December, and it wasn't fun. I hope you can get rest and be rejuvenated.

A Crimson Kiss said...

Glad to hear you're getting some R&R–enjoy it!

Nicole said...