But First, Let Me Get Better...


Man you guys I am worn down lately. My whole family has been battling this cold since the dawn of time. It probably hasn't helped that the holidays are upon us and we recently paraded through Disneyland in the pouring rain. But then it was the holidays at Disneyland, and I mean what more can you ask for really?

And I mean this...worth it! Also, I seriously just wanted to go wrap myself up in Eeyore. You know, sit down and have a bit of tea, talk politics. He seems like he would know about things like that.

So yeah, we're rolling through the holiday season sniffling and sneezing, but you know it's all worth it. Especially when I snap photos like this for our Christmas cards. Love these kiddos. Also, just for fun, see if you can spot the wayward sippy cup! ;)

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How is your holiday season going so far? I'd love to hear!

But First Coffee Mug is sold out, but I also love this one, because that's frankly how I feel when I'm sick.  All photos by Alexa Evans for Short & Sweet Blog


A Crimson Kiss said...

What a perfect holiday card!

Jillian said...

aww such a sweet card!! glad you guys had fun at disney...feel better! xo jillian - cornflake dreams