Well Hello, Weekend


I took these photos in Sonoma last Sunday. I could have been doing boring things like laundry and fun things like Christmas shopping (I know most people don't enjoy it but I love picking out presents), but instead we went to our friend Adam's winery, SCRIBE, and drank wine until the sun set. I was more tired than usual on Monday, was way behind on laundry, and didn't have as much time to devote to the blog, but it was worth it. Here's to hoping you have that kind of weekend.

And here are some links from the week:

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And in case you missed it:

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And what we've been pinning.

Photos by Kirby Brooks Todd for Short & Sweet Blog.


Jillian said...

beautiful photos! im soo happy you can edit captions on instagram! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Leslie said...

What great and interesting links! I hope I have a weekend as fun as the one you did! Sometimes we just have to step away from all the chores. Those pictures are gorgeous!

susan said...

Would love to do a winery trip soon!