What are you guys up to this weekend? I think I'm going to try and kick this cold once for all (it's weakening, I can feel it), but as a result, we'll be mostly home-bound. I am planning to make this at some point and hopefully watch this (which has been on my movie list for ages). We'll see you here on Monday! xo


Celebrities stuck in traffic. Made me LOL.

Pretty nightgowns.

39 questions to ask before you get married.

Love this: The story behind the shot.

One lucky umbrella. ;)

A pretty black dress.

A really tasty (and pretty) salad!

Norway's new passports are seriously cool.

Just finished this book. Highly recommend.

Buffalo Image


Jillian said...

ohh i really liked HER! have a great weekend. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Alex Byer said...

The girl who does celebrity impressions is SPOT on! She had me giggling all day yesterday!

Jessica Taylor said...

I watched HER! And this tortilla soup is so delicious.
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