Mad Hatter


I've never been a "hat person," but as I become more concerned about my skin and as my style has evolved (read: more lasting, investment pieces and less of-the-moment trends) I think I'm ready to buy my first hat in years. And hopefully actually wear it. What about you, are you a hat person? Which is your favorite?

1. Rag & Bone Abbott Fedora (in navy) / 2. Eugenia Kim Jordan Genie Hat (just $85!) / 3. Rag & Bone Abbott Fedora (in wine) / 4. Janessa Leone Julia Hat / 5. Topshop Floppy Wool Felt Hat (just $52!)

Top image via / Graphics by Kirby Brooks Todd for Short & Sweet Blog


Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Yes to all of them pretty please :)