Little Tricks to Fight the Sick.


I have an ongoing case of the cold. Ever since Mila started pre-school my house has become a thriving habitat for sick germs. I'm about ready to start charging them rent.

To counter the cold I've taken to drinking this about five times a day. I don't think it actually fights anything, but it is so soothing, plus it has ginger in it, which is really good for you. I'm also going to dart off to sprouts this afternoon to get this, so that next time I can kick the cold in to the curb before it settles in and starts picking out curtains.

Also ordered some of these bath salts because I pretty much take a bath every night after I get the kids to bed.

Tell me, what are your tips for fighting a cold?


Kat said...

I've been drinking the tea and taking homeopathic treatment and using essential oils. That conbo has kept me pretty healthy this fall! (I'll show you the oils I use when you come over in a week!)