Being Mama.


I do not have the faintest idea what is going on in this photo. I know that I likely told them to stand there and smile and to not push or hit or shove yell or bite (because all of these things need to be repeated about 1,000 times per day, because apparently one forgets these things easily when one is a small human and perhaps feels a tad possessive over certain objects, food, space and air). They clearly did not follow my direction to stand still as is evidenced by the smallest child, who is quite literally lurching at the camera. He has a tendency to do this, mostly to see what the camera might taste like. The older one is likely in the midst of telling the younger one to stand still or she will clonk him on the head with her water bottle. I appreciate that she follows rules, but her execution of them is sometimes draconian.

At any rate, this mom job sometimes really kicks me in the rear. Not to sound defeated, but there are many days when I wonder what it's like to have an independent thought. Then I realize I am having one and get ridiculously excited only to have Mila interrupt me saying, "Mama, do your ears hurt?" To which I reply, "Yes, actually, a little. Maybe we can all rest our voices so Mama's ears can feel better." This is what you call "wishful thinking." Matt sometimes comes home to a disastrous house with two barely clothed kids chasing after each other screeching and a dog howling (Gorbie hates feeling left out, especially when it comes to making Mama's ears hurt) and me in a sort of dazed and confused expression, likely wondering: Is it still the same day as it was this morning? ...and other nonsensical questions.

 Good times being had by all despite the tiredness and gray hairs.

Anyway, there really is no point or moral to this post, but perhaps mostly it is just a bit of cathartic writing for mom who sometimes feels just plain exhausted. Very loved, but exhausted nonetheless. 

I hope you all are well, I'd love to hear any tips on how you deal with exhaustion (moms or not)! :)


Jillian Manesh said...

hang in there mama!!

Linh Vo said...

I feel ya and I only have one! Is this a sign from God telling me to hold off on baby #2? Haha Kidding. If they're healthy, smiling, calling "mommy" every 2 seconds, have messy hair and maybe a little dirt btwn their toes, then you are right on track where they should be :) You are doing a wonderful job mama!

Nicole said...

This could not have been a more perfect post for this week! That is all!

Leslie said...

You are an amazing mom, and I don't know how you do everything. Hang in there!

Rema said...

Love this, and you :) You nail the loving, sarcastic tone so perfectly. Write a modern mommyhood book! I'd be first on the pre-sale list!