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A few weeks ago, a coworker (and friend; check out her blog here) and I attended a social media workshop hosted by Design*Sponge at San Francisco's Makeshift Society.  Between Short & Sweet Blog and my role at my agency, social media is a constant for me, and it's constantly changing. Whether you manage a brand's social media account or happily pin inspiration for fun, I thought I'd share some takeaways from the event. I'd love to hear any social media tips you have as well, leave 'em in the comments.

Facebook: You'll get half of your reach within the first 30 minutes.
Days to post:Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Times to post: 7-9am, 5-6pm, 10-12pm/early morning, before sinner, before bed

Twitter: Tweets with photos get twice the amount of engagement as posts without images, while tweets with less than 100 characters see 17% more engagement.
Days to post:Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Times to post: 6-8am & pm/when people are commuting

Instagram: 69% of all comments happen within the first 3 hours and Instagram videos are most popular during non-work hours.
Days to post: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
Times to post: 9am-7pm (all day), peak is between 2-3pm

Pinterest: The most popular pins are related to DIY, recipes, and quotes.
Days to post: Saturday, Sunday
Times to post: 8-10pm, 4-5pm, 10pm-12am

YouTube: Most vidoes are around two minutes long, and the most popular categories are Entertainment, sports, music, and comedy.

Days to post: Monday-Friday (peak is Thursday)
Times to post: 8am-1pm (rises), 12am-4am (burst)

Other major takeaways:

  • Content should be 1/3 promotional, 1/3 personal, and 1/3 other people (sharing others' posts that you love).
  • Early adoption is key.
  • So is engaging with your audience.

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Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

such great advice!
thank you for sharing.

Linh Vo said...

So great to know! Social media can be so overwhelming with all the outlets and diff sites nowadays, but this helps to know when the best days and times are to post.

Lisa Hoeck said...

Awesome! This is super helpful and interesting. This world of social media is so dynamic. Appreciate you taking the time to share some tips.

erica kartak said...

Thanks for sharing such great advice!!

Rema said...

This is great! I manage social for work, too, and it's a constantly moving target. Curious to know: are these stats for SF/Bay Area, state-side, national? Let me know - thx! @RemaOx

Kirby Todd said...

Hi Rema! They are national, but it's always important to monitor analytics since there are always exceptions.

Georgia Milton said...

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Jillian said...

great tips! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

awesome tips!! Thank you!

donna bailey said...

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Alison Dulaney said...

Such helpful bits of information!