Minted Foil Stationary + Notebook


My iPhone is practically an extension of my body at this point. I'm constantly emailing, scrolling through my Instagram feed, pinning things for inspiration, you get the drill. But I have yet to find a digital to-do list that gives me the same satisfaction as writing things down, and I still send hand-written notes to family and friends. 

When I heard about the new foil stationary and personalized notebooks from Minted I couldn't wait to order a few things. I personalized this color block notebook and it's been nice having a place to jot down notes and to-dos for this blog. I have almost been married a year but I am still getting used to my new last name, so it was fun to order new stationary - and this arabesque foil-pressed stationary is so gorgeous, like something out of the 1920s. 

Photos by Kirby Brooks Todd for Short & Sweet Blog


Jillian said...

i loveee love those cards! such a pretty design! xo jillian - cornflake dreams