Eat This: Pasta Salad With Fresh Mozzarella


Frazzled? Bewildered? Baby screaming? Toddler screaming? You screaming? No dinner planned? Rest easy friends because this is a light, summery dinner that you can literally throw together in minutes (or you can tell your husband to make it, because it is that easy). Also it is pasta. And I repeat for what is probably the millionth time: who doesn't like pasta?

Pasta Salad With Fresh Mozzarella
1 pound pasta (pick your shape)
2 bell peppers or 6 of the mini ones (sliced)
10-15 grape (or cherry) tomatoes (halved)
1 small onion (chopped)
1 six oz can of pitted black olives
1 jar of marinated artichokes
3 oz of mozzarella crudo, cut into pieces
1/2 cup of olive oil
1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar
Salt and Pepper to taste
Shredded aged asiago cheese
Crushed hot pepper (optional)

Pour glass of wine. Cook pasta. When pasta is done, combine all ingredients in a big bowl and serve. Pour more wine. Buon Appetito!

Recipe and photos by Alexa Evans for Short & Sweet Blog


Natalia { All the Things, etc } said...

This looks delicious, Alexa!

Jillian Manesh said...

looks so tasty! i love a good pasta salad! xo jillian - cornflake dreams 

Laura said...

Love your easy meals! Keep them coming!

Lauren said...

Yum! Thanks for the idea!


Alex Byer said...

Perfect summertime dish!

Brigette Olmos-Arreola said...

Sound perfect for a warm summer evening! And who doesn't need a big glass of white wine on a hot day?

Miss Melange said...

This looks absolutely delicious! I often make quick, fresh, throw-it-together meals like this one :) Can't wait to try this. I love reading your blog! It's funny because it seems we have a lot in common! My friend and I who blog at Miss Mélange both grew up in Santa Cruz and then we've both lived in San Diego (I'm still here). Also, my husbands name is Kirby! Haha. Just thought I would let you know I'm excited to read more!


Caitlin De Leonardis said...

Looks so perfect and simple! Love black olives in a pasta salad!

Mandy Crandell said...

Looks wonderful! I'm in need of summer dinner ideas.