A Much-Needed Weekend


You guys. I have legitimately never been so tired in my life. I might have been crazy to think we could pack up our lives on Saturday (the move went well minus our couch not fitting through the tiny door of our 1920s apartment), I could start a new job on Monday, and adjust to everything (a new neighborhood, a new commute, a new ... everything) without feeling a little run down. I am feeling a lot run down. But it's the weekend. We have friends in town tonight and we're hopefully getting a couch tomorrow and I'm feeling optimistic. Sometimes a good night's sleep is all you need, right? What are your weekend plans?

This ad is hilarious. 

What the teens are doing.

I've only been wanting J. Crew's Downtown Field Jacket for a year and it's finally on sale.

And I'm thinking the Madewell Transport Tote might be a necessity for my new commute (by bus).

Grace launched a collection with BaubleBar. Of course, we're obsessed.

10 commandments of rental decor. 

Tips for managing your to-do list.

Anna Wintour revealed. A must-watch.

Why we're watching the world cup.

And in case you missed it: 

Elizabeth stopped by to share her idea of a Perfect Sunday.

My wedding ceremony.

Alexa's recipe for pesto pasta (with a side of wanderlust).

Bobbi Brown gave me a makeover.

We created our dream vanity with One King's Lane.

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Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

i can TOTALLY understand why you're feeling so run down kirby! enjoy the weekend...you deserve it :)

birdie to be said...

Great picture! Love that Madewell tote too. Happy Friday!

Alex Hubbard said...

Agreed on the Madewell tote! I hope you have a relaxing weekend, Kirby!

Annie Reeves said...

Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for sharing that perfect J.Crew jacket, too. :)

rachel said...

definitely get the madewell tote! i got one for christmas and it comes everywhere with me. i haven't used any other purse since its arrival :)

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

You came on a beautiful weekend! Welcome home!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

Rest-up!! You need it. love that teens are drinking Rose...so sophisticated.

preppylove said...

ENJOY your weekend! You deserve it!!


Jamie Morton said...

I know that feeling! Girl, you need some rest and everything will fall into place! :)
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