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Alexa & I subscribe to a few of our favorite blogs and love discovering content we missed in our daily stroll around what we think of as "blogland," or reading new content that bloggers have been saving for their newsletters. But it didn't occur to us to send out a newsletter until recently. And then we got really excited about it!

If you'd like to subscribe (and we hope you do!) enter your email to the right of this post, where is says "subscribe." Once you confirm your subscription via email, you're all set to receive the first newsletter in a few weeks, with more to come sporadically after that. We're thinking 1-2 a month to start and would love to know if there are any topics you'd like to see covered.

Photo by Lindsay Wynn for Short & Sweet Blog.


birdie to be said...

Loving that striped top!

susan said...

I'm all subscribed! can't wait for the first newsletter!