101 in 1001 update


Partly to keep myself accountable, I'm posting an update to my 101 in 1001 challenge. I've made pretty good progress so far. I'd love to know what you'd like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. Is there a trip you've been wanting to take? A career change you're too nervous to make? Tell me in the comments!

See my progress, after the jump.

Photo by Short & Sweet Blog. Manly Beach, Australia 2013.


1. Be more thankful. Write things I'm thankful for down if I have to.
2. Sit quietly at least once a day. With my iPhone out of reach.
3. Put my iPhone out of reach while driving (unless talking to family and friends with headphones). It can wait.
4. Leave my phone at home while running errands. On purpose. 
5. Take the time to stretch before running.
6. Give myself manicures and pedicures. I find that I am always rushed when I go to a nail salon, but when I paint my nails at home it’s a relaxing experience. I finally invested in some cuticle oil and have been sticking to this one. I'm getting pretty good at it!
7. Drink waaaay more water.
8. Stick to my one-diet-soda per week rule. This one was easy. And I feel so much better sticking to this rule.

9.  Find out my blood type (and donate).
10. Update my glasses prescription. I normally wear contacts, but it’d be nice to have glasses for when my eyes are tired (which is every day when I get home from work).
11. Floss more than a few times the week before my next dentist appointment. Embarrassing but true. 
12. Get new running shoes the moment I can tell I need them (as opposed to when I bruise my heel).
13. Sit up straight. All of those years of ballet are going to waste. 

14. Figure out how to do a cat-eye. I’m hopeless with eyeliner but I'm sure someone on YouTube can teach me.
15. Get out of my hair rut. Lately it's either straight and down or up in a top knot. Boring.
16. Give myself an at-home facial (my skin will thank me). 
17. Get my eczema under control. This isn’t exactly blog-worthy so I don’t ever talk about it. But I suffer from it daily. I finally visited a dermatologist and thanks to some new medication and coconut oil, things are getting better.
18. Pay my credit card off. Completely.
19. Pay off my car, which is the first big purchase I made post-college. (I should be done in August!)
20. Build up my travel fund.
21. Make my clothing purchases more about investments than trends. I have been good here. I was recently temped to guy a few trendier items but instead bought one top: black, silk, short-sleeved with a slight ruffled peplum trim. I can tell it's going to a be a staple in my closet.
22. Go one month without buying anything for myself. 

23. Donate my time to a charity.
24. Donate clothes that just don’t fit or work into my wardrobe and home items that we don’t use. I did a big closet purge a few weeks ago.

25. Take a cooking class. We took a cooking class at Sur la table on Valentine's Day.
26. Come up with some new recipes for Meatless Monday. It's too easy to just make pasta. Veggie chili, grilled vegetable salad, and a cauliflower gratin are among recent Meatless Monday favorites.
27. Make a soufflé. There was a reason I registered for ramekins!

28. Make more cocktails at home. With the exception of margaritas, we rarely make cocktails at home.
29. Actually make the lunches I bring to work. Too much relying on Trader Joe’s pre-packaged lunches. I have been following through on this by grilling a bunch of veggies and making grains on Sundays.
30. Learn to open a bottle of wine. I am not kidding. I suck at this.  
31. Find out which red wine is my favorite. I definitely know I like Sauvignon Blanc when it comes to white, but haven’t found my go-to red.
29. See a taping of Jon Stewart in-person.
30. Go to the opera.
31. More weeknight concerts. Because it's always worth being tired the next day at work.
32. Read at least one news article a day. I subscribe to theSkimm now to get a daily dose of news, and then Google any of the stories that really interest me to learn more.
33. Finish changing everything to my married name (I just ordered my new passport and voter registration is last on the list!). Done!
34. Create a gallery wall in our apartment. (First, convince my husband that we need said gallery wall.)
35. Refresh the pictures in frames and on our fridge every few months.

36. Actually light my favorite candles (looking at you, Jonathan Adler Big Sur candle) instead of saving them. This was one too easy. Now I need to actually buy a few more candles.
37. Same goes with jewelry, shoes, and clothing. Why am I "saving" my favorite items? Life is too short.
38. Stop and watch the sun rise (as opposed to racing home from Pilates to start my day, only seeing the sunrise briefly from a stoplight).
39. Swim in the ocean. Actually swim, not just take a dip to cool off.


40. Take time to acknowledge successes with my career and blog, instead of just moving on to the next thing.

41. Take new professional blog photos. We took them over the weekend! Can't wait to share!
42. Host a blogger event in San Diego.
43. Meet up with a blogger I admire for coffee.

44. Reach out to other women I admire for their career, blogging or otherwise.
45. Partner with more brands we love. More to come on this!
46. Read one career-related book per quarter. Just downloaded Big Move, Small Change to listen to on my commute.

47. Be featured for my career/blog work. I can't share yet, but I'll be featured on one of my favorite sites in May!
48. Commit to more outfit posts on the blog.
49. Attend more networking events (and put myself out there at said events). Attended DEW last week.
50. Attend a blogger conference.
51. Watch 5 TEDTalks.
52. Update our blog media kit. Done! Email us at kirbyandalexa@gmail.com if you'd like to see it!
53. Start a new series featuring some of our favorite bloggers. We reached out to some of our favorite bloggers for a new series that will start in a few weeks. Cannot wait to share!
54. Reach more blog goals (followers, page views, etc.).
55. Pick up the phone and call someone at work instead of sending an email.
56. Resist the urge to respond to emails immediately. File away and read when I have time to read the whole way through.
57. Update my resume so I don’t forget my accomplishments.

Family & Friends

58. Send more “just because” cards.
59.  Use my commute as time to call friends and family.

60. Ask more questions about what’s going on in my friends and family’s lives. Listen. Have been making a solid effort here. Not that I was bad about it before (at least I hope not!) but I am consciously working on this one.
61. Put together a master birthday calendar so I never forget a birthday and am prepared with a card at the very least. 
62. Compile a master address book. 
63.  Run another 10K with my husband. We actually, gulp, signed up for a half marathon in April. 
64. Agree to the first restaurant my husband suggests. Ian's picked the last three restaurants we went to so I'm off to a good start!
65. When I do something around the apartment, like fold laundry, resist the urge to tell my husband. Why do I need a gold star? And why am I keeping score?

66. Cook for my husband more. He’s so much better than I am, but it’s the thought that counts, right? I've been offering to cook more during the week, even when I get home after 8pm and want to just relax.
67. Enjoy a spa day with my mom.
68. Help my mom learn how to use iTunes.
69. Help my dad learn how to get the pictures off of his camera. He takes such good photos but then we don't see them.
70. Start a new family tradition.

71. Say "thank you" to my family and friends more. I'm so lucky to have them.
72. Write the sweet things by niece and nephew do and say down so we all remember them at this age (almost-four and almost-three).
73. Ask my parents more about their lives before they became my parents.

San Diego

74. Make a Short & Sweet blog San Diego guide.
75.  Visit Stone Brewery.
76. Eat at Jane’s Gastropub. (Finally.)
77. Find a good local place for Dim Sum.

78. Walk to VGs and get a donut.
79. Order the bolognese at Prep Kitchen like I always say I am going to. 
80. Spend a morning in Bird Rock, our old neighborhood. Alexa & did this last week, when we visited Capricorn.
81. Walk around a neighborhood in my city I've never been. 
82. Have a staycation in San Diego.
83. Take photos of my favorite places in San Diego.

84. Take our boxer to dog beach in Del Mar.
85. Hike up to Potato Chip Rock.
86. Visit my alma mater, the University of San Diego. 
87. Move out of San Diego. We love it but are itching for something new. Why not this year?


88. Go to Big Sur for the weekend.
89.  Visit the same spot we got married (Mission Ranch in Carmel) on our anniversary.
90.  Make an effort to drive to see friends on the weekends. The past few times I've met up with girlfriends I've offered to drive to them. I got to check out a new restaurant and catch up with friends. Win, win.
91. Get outside of the country (at least once).
92. Go camping.
93. Visit my brother in Dallas.
94. Visit my grandparents in Michigan.
95. Visit Ian’s brother in San Francisco. Trip booked for late March!

96. Go to Palm Desert again for the weekend.
97. Visit the Grand Canyon.
98. Go on a girls' trip.
99. Visit Santa Ynez wine country. We’ve been to Napa but Santa Ynez is so much closer and we’ve never been. Trip booked for a friend's wedding in June!

100. But also go back to Napa and Sonoma. 
101. Make a list of trips I want to take.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I love seeing your progress in this endeavor!!


Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

WOW, i'm so impressed with how much progress you have already had!

birdie to be said...

Youve knocked so much off the list already! Great job.

Jillian Manesh said...

what a great list! you are making lots of progress! xo jillian - cornflake dreams