Wedding Wednesday


Ian's bachelor party was last weekend, so I put together a bachelor party send-off for him. Since they planned a weekend of surfing and golfing (and, who are we kidding, drinking heavily) in Los Gaviatos, I picked up some surprise supplies. Ian was in serious need of a new shortboard bag so I got him this one from Surf Dome (a site I'll definitely use again for more surf accessories for Ian), along with custom beer koozies for the group, a bottle of tequila, and a bocce ball set (both not pictured)!

P.S. My wedding is just one month from today!
P.P.S. I'm over on the Clare Vivier blog sharing what's in my CV.


Amanda said...

How fun! I bet he loved it!

birdie to be said...

Aren't you the sweetest!

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Umm way to go wifey! I just told my husband he better not act a fool! :)