Guest Post: Emily from Recently


Hey friends! Today we have a special treat for you. Emily from the sweet blog Recently is sharing one of her current favorite colors - and really who doesn't love a pop of yellow? It's so bright and cheery. I'm really loving a rich mustard yellow these days (sort of mid-century modern appeal). What's your favorite shade? Thanks so much for stopping by, Emily and do not miss the chance to check out her gorgeous blog!

Hello Short & Sweet readers! What a treat that the gals asked me to be here today! I'm Emily, and my blog is called Recently. I share all sorts of stuff there, from DIY's, to fashion, to one of my faves- color. Here's a little taste of what color is catching my eye recently: 
My pinterest boards have been screaming yellow lately. All shades, all sorts, all beautiful. And with those rich jolts of cobalt and turquoise? Oh my, my, my- It's love!

Thanks so much for letting me share my color story today everyone, and thank you Alexa and Kirby for having me.  Alexa, I'm so excited for you and your new little bundle!  xo, Emily


Emily | Recently said...

Thanks again for having me Alexa and Kirby! Kirby, when I wrote this it wasn't quite as close to your wedding, so let me add that I'm excited for you and your big day as well! :) Cheers to you both and to new chapters!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love Emily and I'm totally feeling the yellow!!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

What a gorgeous post! Emily is the best, love her!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How cute is all of that yellow? Instantly brightens my day :)