Things Worth Having: Post Pregnancy


There are so many wacky changes going on at our house. TWO kids? It's a whole new party. We're rolling with the punches (and sleep deprivation) as best we can. I found the first few weeks with Mila to be the toughest and it's similar with Phoenix, although he does seem a lot more laid back than Mila was is. Plus, how can one resist newborn snuggles?

I rounded up just a few things that I'm loving lately.

Simple, sweet onesie. They are so soft and easy and you'll probably be making a zillion changes throughout the day, so they are very useful! This was a gift from my friend Nikki, and we love it!

A beautifully scented bar soap. This is for you, mama. Because labor is a pain (and sleep deprivation is no bueno). Sink into a bath to decompress when you can!

Ultra Radiance Spray from Benefit. It's refreshing, it smells good and it's super easy to give yourself a little spritz of freshness every morning.

Every breast-feeding mom needs some sort of cream to soothe nipple tenderness. I love the Bella B brand, and don't be afraid to use it all of the time!

I definitely don't have time for makeup these days, but there's nothing more soothing than a soft lip balm to make you feel whole again. This one is from Maybelline.

I hope you all are doing well...I'll back back to posting regularly again soon! xo


biggestlittleblog said...

Thanks for sharing. My girlfriend is expecting her first baby so maybe these items would make a great mommy to be gift.

Nicole Michelle Centers said...

" I was worth the wait"

How cute is that!


Ashley Brooke said...

I am definitely going to have to order that onesie for my sister in law! new follower!

Mary Jo @trustyourstyle said...

So lovely to read about the sweet things you're finding to make life easier. Big hug to you and Phoenix! Just so excited for you!
xo Mary Jo

Emily Smith said...

Yes, yes, yes, and yes to that too ; ) Great products and advice!

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

I hope you are enjoying the newborn days! And I love your picks - that onesie is adorable and I seriously need some of that radiance spray.

christine, just bella said...

yes, yes, and yes! (especially the nipple cream, seriously). I hope you and your new foursome are doing well!! xoxo