Old Fashioned Oats


Lately I'm addicted to oatmeal. This is a funny thing because I used to hate oatmeal. But then I realized a few things:
1. It's easy.
2. It's healthy.
3. It fills you up
4. You can pretty much add anything you want. I saw an oatmeal recipe in Real Simple that called for
    bacon and maple syrup!

So anyway I'm on the bandwagon. My latest favorite recipe involves cinnamon, honey, toasted almonds and cranberries (and when I have them, fresh peaches).

Sometimes I cheat and get the Quick Oats, but the real deal is much better for you. And you can make it the night before, so it's all ready to eat in the morning! Just add in all your ingredients and refrigerate overnight. :)

Photo: The Short and the Sweet Of It


Amanda said...

Such a yummy treat! And you are right, the fact you can add almost anything to it makes it that much better!

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

I never thought about making it the night before--now that is just brilliant!

xo Mary Jo

christina said...

OH!! yum!!

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