Australia Part Two: Manly


Manly was our favorite spot in Australia. It's just a 30-minute ferry ride from Sydney and is a gorgeous, very livable little beach town. After spending the first few days of our trip in Byron Bay (see photos here), we traveled to Manly where our friends live, staying in a hotel for part of the time and with them the rest. Next up: Sydney and Byron!

Here's a mini guide of places to eat/drink in Byron:
Manly Wine: This place is so much fun. Nikki and I may have had one too many ginger ciders.
Hugo's: We ate here our first night in Manly. Delicious gourmet pizza and amazing views of the harbor.
The Pantry: Our final dinner in Manly. Teeny place on the water.
Manly Wharf Hotel: Hotel means bar in Australia. This is a total Sunday Funday spot.
Steyne Hotel: Again, a bar not a hotel. Fun place for an afternoon beer.
Azure Cafe: Breakfast spot on the water. Those sweet potato pancakes pictured above were amazing.
Hemingway's: We came to this cafe/bar for cocktails (served in tea cups) our last night. It looks like a library.
Four Pines: Good beer (and cider!) with harbor views. Ian's favorite bar in Manly.
Manly Sciff Club: Our friends belong to this little sciff club. 

More photos of Manly, after the jump.


Katies Bliss said...

I'd love to visit Australia one day! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I so wanna visit this place badly. Great photos!!

Anonymous said...

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