Remedies For Feeling Icky


Happy Thursday darlings! How are things? One day closer to the weekend! Hooray! I wanted to let you in on a little secret. Being pregnant this second time is hard. I won't give you a pity list of things that are currently high on my irritation list because that would be unnecessarily whiny. I will, however, offer some things that have helped me this time around and for those of you going through your first, second, third, fourth or whatever pregnancy maybe you can take heart in these suggestions as well. Actually for those of you not pregnant these are great things to help you feel better mentally and physically too.

Small meals. My stomach is a mess. This is not an unusual thing for me...I suffer from this hugely annoying thing called gastritis, but it's been heightened since I've been pregnant. So I just cut my meals in half. A half sandwich served with fruit or hummus and veggies instead of a whole. One helping of pasta for dinner instead of two, etc. Then I just supplement with frequent snacks like almonds and dried fruit, popcorn, or a cereal bar. It's amazing how much this has helped.

Seriously this lip balm is amazing. My skin has been super dry lately (the weather has been cold and dry, so it's probably a contributing factor), but the olive oil in this is so nourishing, I slather this on multiple times a day. They also make shampoo and lotions!

Water, water water. This is so obvious it seems silly to include, but I am terrible at keeping up with my water intake. I just bought this cute purple water bottle that I plan on filling up at least twice a day. As an added treat, I flavor with cucumber or lemon and lime.

Peppermint tea and oil. Hormone induced headaches are such a pain! Literally. I had no idea that peppermint was a natural remedy. I love peppermint tea, but sometimes it bothers my stomach, so they make peppermint oil that you can rub just below your hairline to help soothe those irritating headaches. Perfect right before going to bed and just when you wake up.

Chamomile tea before bed. Seriously, something hot and soothing at the end of the day helps relax my mind and body.

Here's to feeling healthy for all of us! ;)


Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I'm relieved to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't always find peppermint tea soothing–but my Burts Bees is a go to when my head is aching!

Alex said...

Peppermint is such a wonderful thing. It always settles my upset stomach!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

I have just started suffering from heaches in my 2nd tri I will need to give some peppermint tea a try! For some reason sucking on lemon heads helps me when my stomach gets queasy!

natasha {schue love} said...

SO bookmarking this for the next time around! I feel your pain mama!!

Albertina || Mimosa Lane said...

Alexa!! So sorry you are not well! I didn't realize you were pregnant! yeay! My first and only pregnancy was a nightmare...the first 5 months I could not hold anything down.....I love 9 pounds! I'm glad you have found some things that are helping you. That is awesome to know about peppermint because I get headaches very often and had no idea. Small meals like you say are the best. I remember eating ginger candies that helped my tummy. Feel better soon! xx

sherri lynn said...

So sorry you've been feeling so icky! These are great tips to keep in mind though, and I"m glad that you've found them to be helpful!

katie ridings said...

love that pic!! I had lots of things going on when i was prego!! The internet really helped and of course looking at what other momma bloggers were using!! Headaches sucked but i used a humidifier and it was awesome!!

Gloria said...

Oh goodness! Wishing you an extra relaxing weekend, Alexa :-)

Lucinda said...

Feel better Miss Alexa!! LOVE peppermint tea!! Have a lovely weekend!!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

CUTEST little bump!! And I am so sorry you are not feeling good. That is just the worst when you are pregnant. Hope you feel better soon beautiful!

Nat said...

This is my first time but I can relate on the stomach issues and dry lips! I'm trying my hardest to space out my meals, it's hard with my job but I feel 10x better when I have small little meals through out the day instead of 3 big ones.

Johanna said...

I didn't realize you were preggers again! Congrats to you! Sorry to hear you've got some stomach issues - hopefully they will pass soon.

...and you're bump is pretty cute!

Brynn Renné said...

I had no idea that peppermint was good for headaches! I will definitely be trying this one :) Sorry you are having a tough time...I hope it gets better for you soon! And I hope you are enjoying the weekend :) XO Brynn

Anonymous said...

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