Wedding Wednesday


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For being someone with a Type A personality, I've taken a relaxed approach to wedding planning. We have our venue and date, the most important things, and despite other people's insistence that we need to hurry up and book other vendors, I'm surprised at how relaxed I am. 

The one other aspect of the wedding that we do have sorted is our cake, as my good friend and talented pastry chef Lydia of Sweet Lydia's will be creating a confection similar to the wedding cakes pictured above. I love their simplicity and the use of either olive branches or succulents. I'm leaning towards no cake topper, but what do you think?


Giuliana Milan said...

Miss Lydia is SO TALENTED I love all of her Sweet Treats! And no topper is a new spin on an old tradition....I could go either way!


Dancing Branflake said...

Beautiful! I like cake toppers because they photograph well, but her cakes are so beautiful you probably don't need one.

Viviana said...

I have to say that deciding on a wedding cake was HARD!

A. Phelps said...

I love it! Matches your venue perfectly!

Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving said...

I love the olive branches! I think they're perfect without a cake topper. Maybe you could get a topper for the groom's cake, if you still really want one?

Valerie Price said...

Using olive branches or succulents on your wedding cake is such a great idea! I think it will look amazing without a cake topper.