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Hi guys! Sorry I've been MIA this week. Kirby and I have both been exceedingly busy and it's been hard to keep up! Today we have a guest post on interior decor tips from Eva Stephens and I'll be back tomorrow with our "Shine On" Holiday Gift Guide. Thanks for sticking with us! :)

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new space and want to make it as warm and personal as possible, or you are tired of your same old house and want something different. There are many ways to redecorate, remodel or just freshen up your home without investing a lot of money in your home’s new look. They include small and simple changes that can be very effective.

                                                           Saving or opening up space

People often have one of these two problems: their house or a room in particular, seems either too big and empty, or two small and crowded. This effect can be resolved simply with furniture rearrangement or click here to get new one, painting walls with new and better selected colors or coming up with rarely seen and unique solutions. 

If your room looks too big, the best and easiest way to “shrink“ it is to paint it red or some other demanding color. If the room looks too small, paint it some light, happy color that will open the space up. 

If you are bold and love experimenting with your home, you can steal ideas from those similar to you and use piles of books to make a new structure in your room and avoid bookshelves. 

This might seem impractical if you have a habit of often rereading your books and will at some point need the book at the very bottom of the pile. In that case you can only use this solution for a short period of time (enough to dazzle some guests).

Fun things on walls

One of the best and easiest ways to freshen up your home is to decorate your walls either with new posters, paintings, photos or wall stickers. Remember that unique solutions carry 5 additional points, because they’ll most probably have a longer life of surprising you over and over again. For example, a great way to decorate a child’s bedroom is to frame and put a great board game up on their wall:

Similarly, you’ll wonderfully enliven your home with uniquely shaped mirrors, such as these:

However, the production of these mirrors might be costly, so you can instead resort to vintage looking photo frames placed on a bare wall on which you can draw something using chalk. 

                                                               Everything is in the details

It is enough to add one interesting detail in a room, and the whole room becomes interesting. It can be a colorful or antique looking curtain, a huge unusual lamp, many hand-crafted pillows propped on your sofa, or a wonderful bouquet in a simple bottle or glass of water - the result will undoubtedly be a positive one.

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*This is a guest post courtesy of Eva Stephens, interior design writer


Melissa Blake said...

Great picks...i especially love that Candy Land print! :)

Sarah Jane said...

those light fixtures are super cool and I'm digging the free standing books! Happy Holidays!!!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I love the kid's room board game idea! gonna save that one for the future home pinboard ;)

Eva Stephen said...
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Eva Stephen said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments. :)

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