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With Thanksgiving later this week and holiday festivities around the corner, I'm going to need a few festive, for lack of a better word, outfits. I love the idea of a sequin skirt with a simple t-shirt. What do you think? Too much?


Amanda said...

Two pieces I wouldn't think to pair together for the holidays but I'm loving this look!

Designwali said...

I would totally rock it at an INdian wedding.

Jessica Camerata said...

I think I kind of love this! The basic tee tones everything down and makes the skirt feel more casual. Go for it!

xoxo Jessica

Brynn {chartreuse and a twist} said...

absolutely YES!!! XO Brynn

Chloe Moon said...

I'd be the hostess with the mostess in this skirt! I would totally try to rock it!! =)

Ergo - Blog

Milynn {Love + Whimsy} said...

I absolutely love it!

Alex said...

Oh I so would. I also own a sequins bolero that I wear occasionally too :)

Albertina || MimosaLane said...

I love it! I don't think its too much...if you don't dress up for this type of occasions then why have all the pretty clothes?! Go for it...plus I always think you have more fun when dressed up.

Lily Lemontree said...

Wow, love the combination of the two!! I would definitely go for the sequined maxi, its such a sharp holiday look!!

Taylor said...

loooove this look! if I could find an affordable one I'd jump on it!


Taylor said...

loooove this look! if I could find an affordable one I'd jump on it!


Nikki said...

It is absolutely not too much!! I love love it! I wish I had a sequinned maxi skirt (and a sequin shorter skirt)

Morgan said...

Gorgeous! Would love to wear this amazing skirt pretty much any day of the week! Have a great Thanksgiving!

ashley nicole catherine said...

omg that is fabulous! styled just like this.

Ping // WithinTheSun.com said...

Too much??? What does that even mean?!??!?! ;)

It's the holidays I say DO IT.

This look is stunning.


Kristen { Hello Monday Design } said...

Def not too much! LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

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Rachel said...

definitely love it.

Emily Marie {Isnt That Charming} said...

Yes! 100%, absolutely, yes! It's so chic.
Isn’t That Charming.

Recycle me said...

Yes, I def would!

Michelle Elizabeth said...

Its kinda awesome.. and now im very tempted!
Mod Fox

Krystal said...

i'd wear it but i think my family would be like, 'are you crazy!'

Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos said...

I absolutely love it, only I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to wear it! But I really really want to be! Time to throw caution to the wind?

danielle p. said...

umm, absolutely. especially if paired with something basic on top. love it! have a great thanksgiving! xx

Susie said...

I LOVE this skirt as styled above – would totally wear it!

Sea and Swank

Diana Mieczan said...

Oh swoon! What a sassy number:) I so want to wear that skirt for Thanksgiving now:)xo

Giuliana Milan said...


Happy Thanksgiving & I'm so thankful for your ladies AMAZING Blog!


Nicole - Craft My Soul said...

GORGEOUS and I REALLY love it with the tshirt... but dang I don't have the guts to sport it anywhere other than a Holiday or dinner party

Devon Haley said...

I love this idea for a low-key New Years Eve outfit at a house party or local pub.



boardwalksandboulevards said...

So cute! Definitely not too much!

- K.


La Feem said...


Lucinda said...

AMAZING skirt!!! Wish I was taller!!!

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