What I Love About November. Featuring Viv from Fashion Truffles.


Hi there Short & Sweet readers! Viv here from the fashion and style blog Fashion Truffles. I'm here to share my love for the month of November. And how do I love November? Let me count the ways... Six reasons immediately come to mind. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays... along with Christmas, of course. November brings with it the Thanksgiving holiday and Movember. November also means that we're one short month away from Christmas, holiday displays, bright lights, and lots of gifts! Who doesn't love that? If those reasons to love November weren't already enough, this month also brings with it some cooler temps for which I love to bundle up in cozy knits and sip some delicious pumpkin spice lattes. 


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For how many reasons do you love November?


Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I can't believe it's almost Christmas!! Gotta love November ;)

Viviana said...

Thanks for having me over, ladies! xx

Giuliana Milan said...

Love the Holidays & LOVE CHRISTMAS the MOST! But November kicks off ALL these wonderful things you listed which I couldn't ever imagine the Holidays without!


Elizabeth // The Now said...

Yay, Viv!! Ugh I just love the holidays!!! When I was little, we used to go to NYC around Christmas time to see all the windows! I wish we could start doing that again!! Love the "Keep Calm" poster :)


Milynn {Love + Whimsy} said...

I have so many reasons for loving fall! It is actually my favorite season, I could write a list that continues for a while.

Elle Sees said...

I like it because it starts the holidays.

Anna G said...

Lovely guest post. I'm so impressed by the maount of guys that I know that are growing out a mustache. It's one of the many reasons to love fall.

matr0sha said...

Hello, pretty! Maybe follow each other? Just let me know!

Alex said...

Pumpkin spice lattes scream FALL to me!

ashley nicole catherine said...

great post, viv! i love november for the cozy nights - socks, flannel, chili and tea :)

singapore florist said...

It's good that you already have your December Goals. :-D I'm still in the middle of making them and it's already December!

Anonymous said...

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