October 31


Happy Halloween! Did you celebrate over the weekend or are you celebrating tonight?


Ann On and On... said...

I went to a children's party last weekend and was Minnie Mouse,but no plans tonight. It's a bit sad because I LOVE to dress up and I LOVE Halloween. You?

Alex said...

We celebrated over the weekend; I wish we got trick o' treaters in my building because I would LOVE that. Alas, we don't get that. But maybe I'll wear my costume out anyway :)

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Happy Halloween!

Unfortunately it's not really celebrated here, but I have bought candy and bits of costume and makeup anyway, just in case anyone comes trick or treating :-)

ELISA said...

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Stephanie said...

Happy Halloween!! We're celebrating by handing out candy to whatever trick or treaters come our way and watching scary movies before waking up at 4am to fly to DC! Should be a fun one :)