Meet Tank


Ian and I have been talking about getting a boxer puppy for ages, but had kind of tabled the idea. That is, until a coworker had an 11-month old trained boxer puppy who needed a home. After puppy-sitting to make sure it was a good fit for all parties involved, we couldn't give him up. I mean, look at that little face? His given name is Tank, and we're thinking of keeping it.

Also, I'm guest posting over on Heraura today, sharing a few of my favorite things about fall.


Meg {henninglove} said...

oh my gosh tank is adorable!! congrats on adopting tank because i know you will ;-)

susan said...

very cute little face!

jacquelyn | lark&linen said...

Tank! I love him!! So amazing - the stars aligned :)

Mad Max and Family said...

So cute! We are thinking maybe about a boxer in a few years when we move and get a yard. I look forward to hearing about Tank!



Susie said...

So, so cute! My husband and I got our dog when he was 9 months old, and while it meant we missed the tiny puppy phase, it was also kind of awesome – he was house trained and past the chewing phase. Congrats on your newest addition!

Sea and Swank