It's Whitney's Birthday Today!



Today is my friend and college roommate Whitney's birthday! I wish I could fly to San Francisco to celebrate with her, but a phone call and plans for our next girls' trip will have to suffice. Happy birthday Whit!

P.S. Alexa was also on Little Bits of Lovely yesterday sharing some awesome living room decor ideas and could not remember in light of the chaos that is her life. So please check it out now! :)


Viviana said...

I'm craving a cupcake. Badly.

Giuliana Milan said...

Happy Birthday Whit!! Hope you have an amazing day and too celebrate in SF soon!


susan said...

Happy Birthday Whitney! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

so sweet, my college friends are friends for life! xo

his little lady said...

A very happy birthday to her!
xo TJ

Rakel said...

Happy bday!! ^^