Sweet Friday


I could go on and on about how even though it was a short week it felt nothing like it, but instead, let's focus on the fact that it's finally Friday ... and announce the winner of our Matine giveaway, shall we? Drumroll.....It's Samantha Tedesco! Samantha, we'll be in contact with you soon. We are all super jealous! ;)
Have you seen the images from the coco+kelley five-year anniversary party?

Speaking of parties, wouldn't you have loved to attend The Sartorial Dinner in Florence?

Speaking of Italy, did you see Joanna's gorgeous Capri photos? We have the same dress (blue & white stripes from Anthropologie).

Stripes and leopard are always staples in my closet, and I'm loving leopard for fall. Sabra over on The Lonely Wife Project is seeing spots, too.

Lisa from Elembee did a roundup of lovely items from Etsy.

I might have to make these easy cinnamon rolls spotted on House of Earnest this weekend.

Also this weekend, Ian and I are going to this mini music festival. I've been itching to go to a show and can't wait.


his little lady said...

wanting to go to italy now. a cup of jo's photos were incredible! and so romantic!
xo TJ

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Happy Friday - thanks for the link to the cinnamon rolls :)

Mad Max and Family said...

Happy Friday!

And yes, longest week ever. Working with (for me) teenagers is draining!


samantha.tedesco said...

OMG!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
I'm so happyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

<3 <3 <3

Gild and Grace said...

Why do short weeks always feel long?! Fab links! Hope you had a great weekend :)

Abbey x

marissa at the boot said...

the cinnamon bun presentation is so cute! what a good idea!