Monday Morning


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Hi loves. How was your weekend?

1. A good mantra for a Monday. I'm bracing myself for the next few months at work so this should come in handy. Plus, Alexa & I have big plans for our little blog. Stay tuned!
2. See Jane is my new style muse. I could wear every one of her outfits. And those Prada heels are bananas. But way out of my price range. Luckily, I snagged a similar pair of Via Spigas on sale.
3. Sorry if it's too early for cheese for you. It's never too early for cheese for me. In lieu of dinner the other night we snacked on a homemade cheese plate while watching the Olympics. Which might have to happen again tonight.


Julie and Lauren said...

So cute. I love Anna's style too! And unfortunately, bracing myself at work as well. :( x

christin said...

I dislike Mondays very much. Can't wait to see what you two ladies are cooking up! :)


This Monday is particularly tough. I think it's because I stayed up way too late not wanting the weekend to end. Definitely paying for that decision today. Another cup of coffee is a must for me :) xoxo

Giuliana Milan said...

Mondays are never fun but I guess that's what coffee is for right.... ND obsessed with those Prada's have had my eyes on them for awhile now ahhhhhh :)


Amanda said...

That is the perfect mantra for Mondays bc they are usually terrible!

Amber said...

Its never too early for cheese. Never.

April said...

happy monday! Love Anna's style!


Susie said...

It's never too early for cheese for me, either!
Love See Jane!

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