Monday Morning


Hello there! How was your weekend? We went to a concert on Friday night, a new sushi place Saturday night and met up with friends for brunch yesterday, and managed to fit in a long run and some time relaxing in between. Here's a few things making me smile this Monday, after the jump.

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1. Although a few friends were missing, we managed to get our best group of friends from college together for brunch at Herringbone in La Jolla yesterday. So fun but too short. 
2. Seriously smitten with this print. If only I could afford it. Le sigh.
3. I picked up this bright tank at H&M for $12 and couldn't resist wearing  it out to dinner Saturday night.
4. During the same trip, I bought a black & white chevron frame to replace the tarnished silver one on my bedside table.
5. Speaking of bedside tables, we just have one lamp and it might be time to get a pair soon. I'm loving this one.


danielle p. said...

love that lamp!! you should definitely get a pair :] xx

Jessica Camerata said...

I had the most amazing brunch this sunday also! And it was only perfect because they had bottomless mimosas, who could resist! and I love that knot lamp, definitely get a mate!

xoxo Jessica

Susie said...

Loving the color of that top! And that statement on brunch is hilarious and SO true.

Sea and Swank

April said...

Love the lamp! Your bedside table looks great! I'm currently doing a cleaning on mine. It tends to get over crowded with stuff I dont need haha


Giuliana Milan said...

I did the same exact thing this weekend minus the concert Friday, I just went out to the bars instead! Only wish my Saturday sushi and brunch yesterday were with ya :( Miss ya little lady and would love this lamp for my room!!


Amber said...

haha that quote cracks me up. Booze at a brunch is a must.

Ms. Cathy said...

wow that tank makes your tan look soo good! Happy you had an awesome weekend. Here's to an awesome week! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the quote and the lamp!

Quiet Luxury

Brooklyn said...

that lamp rocks! between the concert, sushi, and running....sounds like a great weekend!

Brigette Olmos-Arreola said...

so true!